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Laura Grig

Russian singer, songwriter, show diva!
House vocal №1 in Russia! Miss "Black -Jack".
Founder of Fashion Movement "Russian Soul".

Laura Grig ( - singer and lyricist,
has found fans all over the world from Moscow to Los Angeles with her unique voice,
honey-rich style. Her live performances aim to stir, energize the soul of love and change.
And it's always a spectacular show!
Frequent guest of European clubs, Resident of record label "Fashion Music Records".

With live performance experience throughout Russia and across Europe,
Laura Grig brings to life the concept of fusing club culture and pop music.
Her music is the pulse of glam parties, famous night clubs,
raves and trendy fashion shows. Tracks such as "Losing Control", "Hear the sound",
"Nymphomania" and various remixes have been sold in music collections across Russia,
Europe and popular music portals. Tastefully mixing different styles like vocal house,
progressive, deep, synth-pop, soul, she has captured meaningful sounds and rhythm,
embedded in philosophical lyrics and melodies, cutting through to the essence of living sounds.

Listen to her voice and it invites you endlessly.


Laura Grig releases her music on international labels, such as Bedroom Miami,
Bootylicious, Da Music Germany, Fashion Music, Russiamusic, U.M.A. Music Awards,
Baccara Music, Sound Lab, Cancun Records ...

Conceptually new album RUSSIAN SOUL, produced in Europe , skillfully combines
such styles as electropop, r & b, house, soul, trap.

Russian Soul

I will survive

Dj Zhukovsky & Laura Grig

Laura Grig & Dj Favorite

Laura Grig & Syntheticsax


Concert Programs:

Laura Grig "Russian Soul" Club Performance

Vocal House singer number 1 in Russia!
The project in collaboration with top DJs and producers.
Great performance, cool outfits, sexy dance show with conceptual choreography,
live saxophone and guitar, laser drummer !
The program consists of own tracks, exclusive cover version of club hits,
remixes and copyright Mash Ups. The trendiest club music styles.
Actual for open-air, night clubs, fashion shows! Read More..

Laura Grig & The Band (lounge, jazz, soul music)

New full live program includes
A careful selected and arranged by Laura Grig's live band musicians
world masterpieces of pop, jazz, soul music and Laura Grig's ballads.
Actual for concert halls, restaurants, jazz clubs. Read More..


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and may be used only with the consent of the copyright holder.


Booking: Manager - Konstantin Vitt
+7 (925)450-48-34,
+7 (926) 504-19-71

promo director - Dmitriy Voron