Laura was born in Moscow. She attended high school at the Moscow Conservatory PI Tchaikovsky. Her vocal career started in the jazz-soul style where she found some of her first inspirations.

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11.12.2012 22:48:59

Лаура Григ на обложке журнала "Энотека"!

Эксклюзивная фотосессия Лауры Григ, в студии Никаса Сафронова.

14.11.2012 19:00:59

Интервью для журнала "Luxury"

«Я дышу музыкой!»

композитор, Певица

14.11.2012 18:55:49

Интервью для журнала "Гортсарар"

«Самое большое счастье для меня — заниматься любимым делом!»

Клип, Музыка, Певица, голос, Альбом

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Musical projects

Russian-American POP ARTIST. Singer, songwrighter, actress.

Laura Grig ( - singer and lyricist, has found fans all over the world from Moscow to Los Angeles with her unique voice, honey-rich style. Her live performances aim to stir, energize the soul of love and change.

With live performance experience throughout Russia and across Europe, Laura Grig brings to life the concept of fusing club culture and pop music. Her music is the pulse of glam parties, famous night clubs, raves and trendy fashion shows. Tracks such as "Losing Control", "Nymphomania," "Call me" and various remixes have been sold in music collections across Russia, Europe and popular music portals. Tastefully mixing different styles like vocal house, progressive, synth-pop, soul and disco, she has captured meaningful sounds and rhythm, embedded in philosophical lyrics and melodies, cutting through to the essence of living sounds.

Listen to her voice and it invites you endlessly.

Laura Grig Vocal House Performance:

NEW! Singer Laura Grig with her new exclusive show program in the style of vocal House

Top DJ's in Russia and the United States

Spectacular show, 25-35 minute set.

Colorful costumes, beautiful people, dancing, charming neon hallucination, black vocals.

Battle percussionist with the singer

Interactive improvisation contest with Dj-it club. Mesmerizing creativity!

Beautiful half-naked go-go dancer. Erotic show (for the most daring)

Copyright House tracks and their versions of the world most famous club hits.

Progressive, Club Dance, Funky, Electro House. The most fashionable areas of electronic music.

Public open-air, club parties, massive raves.

Ability to work on fashion shows, pre party, after party, informal parties

Laura Grig Russian Vocal House Performance

The explosion of emotions, escape to new realities, positive atmosphere

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